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Tsunami of Beer Kills Nine

by Steven Doyle

A few years back we discussed the tragic and curious Boston Molasses Flood  that killed 21 and injured over 150, demolishing buildings and drowning livestock, causing millions of dollars in damages. There was another industrial accident that wreaked havoc on a city, killing many and causing damage that is equally as curious.

Like all tragic stories such as these a certain element of hubris rides high, not too unlike the massive container of molasses that exploded in Boston all those years ago, or even the supposedly unsinkable Titanic.    Continue reading

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When in Austin…Conan’s Pizza

by Robert Bostick
Driving South on IH-35 the conversation turned to what eats to get once hitting Austin city limits, and there was no question it would be Conan’s Pizza.  We have a long history with Conan’s; my wife remembers her childhood afternoons after a softball game with her family, and my late night conversations with  friends over a pitcher of Shiner and brief employment there.  Continue reading


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Meers Makes The Biggest, Baddest Burger

by Steven Doyle

When I was just a tween I was wrangled in on a camping trip with a group of friends to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. There I took in my first snipe hunt, although I think we were just old enough not to fall for this bit and it backfired on the only adult that was with us that weekend.

It was a memorable weekend of nudging buffalo and roasting hot dogs and freshly caught snipe by the fire. We visited Fort Sill, and I remember being so moved by the cell which held the famous Apache warrior Geronimo. The small cell had a deeply worn crevasse where he had paced the floor millions of times.    Continue reading

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Smoke City Market Makes Our LA BBQ List

smoke cityby Steven Doyle

Friends and family traveling across the country often ask us where to find decent food in various cities. We certainly love the restaurants in New York, and think of Chicago as one of the world’s best food cities. How about brisket in Los Angeles? Travel to Sherman Oaks and you will find a displaced Texan that is sharing up his smokiness to the granola eating crowd in California.   Continue reading

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Luxury Oregon Resort Puts Out the Welcome Mat to Texans

Nicklaus_13th - 2by Andrew Chalk

Pronghorn, a luxury Auberge Resorts property in Bend, Oregon, and the only 5 star resort in the Pacific Northwest wants more Texans to come visit. So they holding culinary events this Spring and Summer. During each 2 day event a guest chef form one of the other Auberge Resort properties will host at Pronghorn with their own menus and cooking classes. The schedule thus far is:       Continue reading

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The Rundown’s Lowdown On Vegas


If you have not subscribed to the Rundown, a daily reminder how fun your life can be, then check out the service that sends fun-sized love notes with the best events for your area. Of course we love Rundown Dallas, but we also enjoy Chicago, Las Vegas and other cities. This landed in our box from vegas this morning:

Half the fun of staying in Vegas is gambling on who can snag the most ridiculous room amenities. From leather whips to 24-hour butlers to in-room bowling alleys, here’s your rundown of the top VIP suites for living large in Sin City.          Continue reading

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