People’s Choice Award Cocktail Winner: Komali

by Crave Staff   photos by Joy Jangles

There were so many good cocktails on the People’s Choice list that we simply had to take the time to try them all.  The people voted and Komali won hands down with a large victory for the spirited El Guero, a juicy concoction house-made horchata, Kahlua and Grey Goose vodka.  Another really great drink at Komali is the habanero martini. The spiciness cuts the edge off the Hornitos tequila for a perfect blend of spiciness. 

Other wonderful contenders in the cocktail race was Cedars Social, Bolsa and the Grapevine.  Our readers know their libations, which is probably why you read us. If you were sober you would know better!

Congratulations Komali for the win and all the bragging rights that go with craveDFW’s People’s Choice Award for cocktails.  Your plaque is being constructed while we enjoy a few more of the martini’s.

For our reader’s prize, and everyone is pooled into the crave hat regardless of who you voted for, is SP.  We checked and it wasn’t Stephan Pyles.  We sent an email with info on how to claim your prize of a night of cocktails or dinner for two at Komali.

Monday we start votes on another category.



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5 responses to “People’s Choice Award Cocktail Winner: Komali

  1. LeAnn Berry rocks that bar!!

  2. Can’t wait to try these drinks and the food. But, I have to ask. I LOVE that lamp in the photo. Please tell me you know where I could find it.

  3. We will ask Abraham, the chef/ owner where he found his lamp. He has great taste.

  4. I really need that drink.

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