We Dig The Dugg Burger

DSC07191by Steven Doyle

Burgermania continues to thrive in Dallas as more restaurants open that feature burgers and more burgers.The latest we tried is one called Dugg Burger which is located on Garland Road in Casa Linda. What makes the Dugg Burger unique is not only the process, but the high quality ingredients and the simple pricing scheme.

First for the process. It is a bit unusual, but definitely what makes the Dugg unique. The moment you walk in the door they fire a burger patty. They already know you will have a burger because that is all they serve. Then they take a fresh Village Baking Company bun (our favorite) and hollow out the top inside with a patented auger. Never fear, nothing is wasted, and they use the cored bun portion to make bread pudding. That comes later. The bun is then buttered and set on another special tool they had created to fir the augured portion of the bun so the inside gets fully browned and crisp.   Continue reading

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Joel Harrington Knocking Out Home Runs At Bolsa

DSC07214by Steven Doyle

This week we checked in at Bolsa to visit with the new executive chef Joel Harrington who just returned from a three year gig as kitchen director at Red Rooster in New York. You may recall Harrington from his Dallas past where he served as chef de cuisine at Fearing’s, and exec chef at Stephan Pyles and Charlie Palmer’s. Bringing Harrington back from New York was a major coup for Bolsa as the chef has some major skills as evidenced by his new menu at the Oak Cliff restaurant.   Continue reading

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Get Ready For Session Beers, Dallas

communityby Mark Hooper

Summer is right around the corner, which means “Sunday Funday” will be in full swing, and what better way to enjoy a long day by the pool with family and friends than with a delicious DFW craft beer in your hand?  I’m a hop head myself, and it doesn’t take much for me to catch that buzz we all seek on our days off, which is why the new craze of session IPA’s have been my go-to recently. Thanks to this style’s low alcohol percentage, we can all get our hop fix on and not have to throw in the towel after enjoying a few.   Continue reading


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Dallas Farmers Market Announces New Changes


The Dallas Farmers Market continues its progressive revitalization efforts by announcing today major operational changes underway at The Shed. The changes will help the Dallas Farmers Market become a true, sustainable farmers market in which visitors can expect to find local farmers and producers selling food that is grown and sourced locally with minimal handling and processing. Under the management of new Director of Market Operations Amanda Vanhoozier, these improvements will be in place by June 1.   Continue reading

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Twisted Root Now Has House-Made Veggie Burgers (Video)


Twisted Root recently announced a new menu item for its vegetarian and vegan friends. It’s a burger that consists of black beans, ground chick peas, flax seeds, brown rice, quinoa and some delicious seasonings. And unlike many restaurants that phone in their veggie-friendly burger offerings with frozen or pre-made patties, Twisted Root is making their veggie burger in-house daily, so customers get a fresh, tasty and healthy meal that will fill them up.

Before now, vegetarians and vegans who visited Twisted Root could enjoy salads and a couple side items, but the better burger restaurant wanted to ensure that all patrons could fully enjoy the Twisted Root experience. And that means getting a hot, freshly made burger for lunch or dinner.  Continue reading

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Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

GeorgiaSatellites_01by Trey Moran

The Main Street Arts Festival rolled into Fort Worth last weekend and since I am now a resident of downtown I felt I needed to get out and support the event.  It didn’t hurt that there were at least three bands playing Saturday that I wanted to see. The city does a great job in planning this event and this year was no different. Main Street is shut down from basically the courthouse to the convention center with artists booths set up right down the middle of the street.  A children’s workshop area was at one end and the main stage was at the other end. In between was sea of artisans, performers, food and people.

If you were in the market for artwork, wood carvings, jewelry or ceramics you were in the right place. There was many interesting pieces on display. There were so many vendors there was no way I was going to get through them all. It seemed there was something there for every budget and taste. The foot traffic was heavy through the booths with many people carrying purchases. It seemed there was a pretty good amount of business being done.   Continue reading

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Madrina to Open in The Shops of Highland Park

Misery Loves Co._Group Shot

Misery Loves Co. Restaurant Group announces plans to open Madrina, a new fine dining restaurant concept, early this summer at The Shops of Highland Park. The new restaurant will offer guests bold Mexican dishes fused with impeccable French technique, sauces and overall inspiration.

The Madrina menu will reflect Chef Kyle McClelland’s fresh take on modern, authentic Mexican cuisine with a French twist. Menu items, with ingredients sourced from the best purveyors of Mexico and France, will include Hay smoked Foie Gras made with jaggery, plantains, pepita and coconut, Steak Tartare with pickled papayas, dried jicama, capers, shallots and egg yolk and Okra-Bell Pepper Ratatouille with masa crepe.   Continue reading

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