The Year in Rush Part 10: The Neapolitan Power of the Three

by Dr. Spin

At twenty albums in, and with CDs quickly becoming a thing of the past, how many more opportunities would I have to pluck a new Rush album from a record store shelf? Realistically, not too many, but I unselfishly left that honor to my daughter, who, just days away from being 10 months old, was on my hip as I entered Waterloo Records. I let her pick out a copy and she carried it for me to the checkout. Considering the smugly aloof experience I had with the Waterloo staff last year when I bought the new Yes album, I was wondering what kind of reaction I might get when I plopped Clockwork Angels on the checkout counter. This time, I escaped without incident, but I heard snippits of discussion between a group of staff members from across the aisles of the store…hear whats snippin’ at the Pharmacy

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