Steve Reich’s “Tehillim:” Walking, Thinking, and Dreaming

When we finally got to study contemporary music in my undergraduate studies, the topic was noticeably rushed. Perhaps this reflected the musical preferences of my professor, who seemed to get bogged down by his passion for romanticism, or perhaps it was because the 20th century was still in progress, but at any rate, we were encouraged to fend for ourselves on the subject.          

I was enthralled by what little I had heard, and I made a list of composers that I wanted to follow up on if the chance presented itself. Fortunately, this happened in the mid 90s when I was working at the Blockbuster Music in Lewisville. This flagship store prided itself on its dedicated “classical” department.

When promotional materials came in from 20th century composers, there was very little competition from anyone else in the store, so I slowly began to check names off the list. See more at the Pharmacy…

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