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Wine of The Week: Classic California Chardonnay for $18


by Andrew Chalk

2013 Franciscan Estate Chardonnay, Napa Valley is what I would serve someone who asked me “What are the hallmarks of California Chardonnay?” Most of them are here and upfront at that.

There is the vanilla in the nose, reflecting the ample use of French oak in the ageing process. Plus the bouquet of tropical fruit, in this case mango. The soft, creamy mouthfeel from a full malolactic fermentation (in which yeast converts the tart malic acid, typical of green apples, to softer lactic acid). The flavors of tropical fruit, confirming the nose, plus ripe yellow apples, ripe red grapefruit, a medium acidity level and a medium finish. It is not overly complex but $18 is a pretty aggressive price for a Chardonnay made from expensive Napa Valley fruit.  Continue reading

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