Next: Aviary

by Steven Doyle

Keeping the out of town theme for today we must take notice of wonder-boy Grant Achatz and his new Aviary that is scheduled to open tomorrow in Chicago, the spiffy new lounge that will feature cuisine by chef Craig Schoettler. The lounge takes a look at high-end cocktails, something that our barmen have been elevating in Dallas over the past few years.

Curiously, Aviary will have no bartenders. Just chefs in a kitchen producing drinks. Pass on this place if you are just needing a few Bud Lights.

The April Fool’s opening may prove no joke to those visiting the Windy City, and they best be prepared for the steep price tags associated with the libations that can run up to $20. But that goes with high concepts such as the hollowed frozen egg that is injected with an old fashion, and must be cracked to enjoy the supple cocktail. A show that is well worth a double sawbuck.

Welcome to the mind of Grant Achatz

Another opening that is well anticipated is the Achatz concept Next that will feature four menus a year from various key eras in modern cuisine  including 1906 Paris, Sicily in 1949, Cajun fare of the 70’s, and even has a futuristic whiff of Japan in 2036. The restaurant will not be taking reservations as we know them today. Next will sell tickets online that will allow entrance into the theater where the stage is the assortment of viands.

The excitement is swelling over Next where tickets will cost between $45 and $75 inclusive of service. The ticket pricing depends on the time of day and day of the week you wish to dine, bringing 4-star cuisine to the huddled masses.


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