How Well Do You Know Your Burger?

by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

A burger is something very close to my heart. I can’t let a week go past without enjoying at least one really good burger. Just for fun we have assembled a hand full of great Dallas burgers. The list could have been much longer, so I was very random in the selection.  Let’s see how well the Crave Crowd knows their Dallas burgers.  Have fun!

A. Stacked high and sloppy


B. More finesse, you could use a fork

C. I have this one often, but usually with Texas toast

D. A favorite that will even deliver!

E. Grass fed with Paula's cheese

F. Don't let the Lone Star give this one away

G. No hints, lets see how good you are


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12 responses to “How Well Do You Know Your Burger?

  1. I’m an idiot. I have no idea.

  2. Should I have added What-a-Burger, Margie?

  3. Martin

    I’m guessing Wingfield’s for A. The rest, I have no clue.

  4. Mitch

    B. Square Burger

  5. jd

    #6 is Adair’s

  6. Nick

    C looks like Maple & Motor

  7. Nick

    G is Club Schmitz.. only two to go

  8. A is not Wingfields and B is not Square Burger, but there is a Square Burger up there. Nick has been correct so far

  9. Heres the key: A. 5 Guys, B. Second Floor, C. Maple & Motor, D. Farnatchi Grill, E. Square Burger, F. Adairs, F. Club Schmitz

    Thanks for playing! I was speaking with some people last night about Farnatchi, and they have a terrific bun and the meat is infused with Mediterranean spices and has a ball of mozz in the middle. All these burgers are terrific.

  10. Marc

    A. Five Guys
    B. Square Burger
    C. Maple and Motor
    D. Farnatchi
    E. Square Burger
    F. Adair’s
    G. Club Schmitz

  11. Marc

    I was writting my reply and submitted before I saw the key, however, I am pretty sure that both B and E are Square Burger. Look at the plate, the tempura fried pickle, the onion strings and it is sitting on the bamboo bartop.

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