Voveti Prosecco Sparkles

by David Donalson

Yesterday, I had the privilege of going to the industry release event of Freixenet’s new product, the Voveti Prosecco. This is done through a partnership between Freixenet, one of the main Cava producers in Spain, and Collavini family based in Friuli, Italy.

When talking with brand manager Liz Hartley, she explained how the Ferrer family wanted to expand and create an “authentic Italian Prosecco by going to the source.” “This has been over a year in the making” and the initial release was only 7000 cases, a miniscule production for a giant producer like Freixenet. The concept was to create a higher-end product to highlight the quality of the fruit. With a $17 price point, this will quickly replace most sparkling wines for my Sunday brunch. 

My notes show that the wine was a pale to medium straw color with medium sized bubbles. What was interesting is that this Prosecco was not as frothy as many of the other examples I have had.  On both the nose and the palate, the wine showed heavy citrus notes of lemon, lime and green apple, strong floral components (think daisies and white flowers) and a slight mineral note on the finish. Another strong characteristic on the palate was the racing acidity. This wine was crisp and bright, a perfect match for prosciutto, seafood, olives and nuts.

Voveti has just been picked up by Mr. Gs and Sigels. At only 7000 cases, there will not be much to go around so I would hop in one of the Fiats parked outside to go and grab a bottle for your Memorial Day celebrations. This is perfect poolside sipping wine.

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