Fruitealicious Hard Serves the Tunes

photo by Nichloas Bostick

by Nicholas Bostick

Last Saturday the best place to beat the summer heat was Frutealicious in Carrolton. They kicked the summer off with an assortment of local bands and cold drinks. Indie hip-hop group, Josephine Versus Black Jesus, played for a surprisingly large crowd of people as more waited outside. Their set suffered a few technical difficulties, but still sounded great and the crowd was more than receptive to their jams.  This night was also the demo-release party for local punk band, Something Social. They did a great job of getting the crowd excited during their set, and by the end of the night the entire place was packed with people. You should definitely keep an eye out for upcoming show at Fruitealicious this summer, and if you’re in the mood for some local talent check out Josephine Versus Black Jesus at Bigworld Music Complex in Arlington July 21st, go here for ticket information! Enter code NORVISJR852 for a discount.

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