Shade and Pussycat Lounge First Casualties of SUP

by Danielle Leahy

Looks like the first victims of Angela Hunt’s new Greenville Ave Planned Development District have been identified. Two long time Greenville Ave establishments Shade and Pussy Cat Lounge have both closed this week due to a combination of decreasing sales and difficulties with the Special Use Permits (SUP) process. This comes on the heels of the new 12pm closing hours starting tonight, for all business without a SUP as well as this week’s news that Southbound Greenville Avenue between Bell and Alta will be shut down to all traffic from Sept 26th-Nov 26th. 

Owners of both locations have vowed to reopen in different locations if possible, bringing with them their sales and liquor tax revenues to new neighborhoods more supportive of late night establishments. Websites for both clubs have gone dark.

We reached out to Angela Hunt, but have yet receive a response. We will update soon.



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  1. Update: Pussy Cat Lounge will most likely remain open until 12pm while it sells off the rest off it’s liquor stock. Possible new name and/or new location in the works.

  2. wow this sucks ….and they are not the cause of the riff raff

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