Local Artist Mallow Plays Games

by Steven Doyle

Last Friday, 11/11/11, we were treated to a fantastic gallery experience at 2626 Main Street in Deep Ellum. Local artist Mikki Mallow premiered over 20 new pieces at her Games People Play show.  The interactive exhibit featured roaming children dressed in costumes from board games.  We never could pin down the Monopoly man for a decent photo, but he was there in top hat and tails adorning his cane.

A band played through out the night and were also children, but they jammed to some fantastic game-inspired music such as Pin Ball Wizard.   

One wall had a theme of Jacks, and displayed pieces that featured famous Jacks such as Jack Sparrow and Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. It was fun to play for the evening as  Mallows art allows even the most casual enthusiast to enjoy her subjects.

Mallow’s interests shape the content of her work. Her inspirations include light, movement, water, color, film, print, photography, architecture & design, music, glass, candy, travel, family and friends, contemporary art in all forms and mediums, and artists such as Chihuly, LaChapelle, Ann Hamilton, Chuck Close and Lichtenstein.


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