Newbold Named Chef at Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen

by Crave Staff

Today Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen introduced Chef Jennifer Newbold, who will work directly under Executive Chef and Partner, Kent Rathbun. Newbold’s diverse culinary background and proven leadership skills make her the perfect fit for the popular Dallas restaurant. In her role, Chef Newbold will oversee day-to-day kitchen operations and work to craft light, fresh and flavorful dishes.

Prior to joining Blue Plate Kitchen, Newbold worked at another Kent Rathbun restaurant – Jasper’s in Plano, TX. Before that, Newbold was the Chef de Cuisine at Blue Point Coastal Cuisine in San Diego, and other stints include Sous Chef and Pastry Chef positions at restaurants in St. Louis, MO.

From seafood-focused restaurants to vegetarian fine dining, Newbold’s varied experience helped to hone her creativity and expansive culinary repertoire, now on full display at Blue Plate Kitchen.   

In addition to her professional experience, the self-taught Chef Newbold credits her upbringing as having a significant impact on her career. While growing up in Washington, she often hunted, fished and cooked with her dad, as well as cultivated fruit and vegetable gardens at home. Working directly with the land and its bounty developed her interest in food and has carried over into her career, as Newbold regularly engages with local farmers to ensure that Blue Plate Kitchen’s menu features dishes as fresh and local as possible.

“We’re excited to welcome Chef Newbold to the Blue Plate Kitchen team,” said Kent Rathbun. “From her impressive culinary background to her obvious talent in the kitchen, we know she’s a great fit for our restaurant. Jennifer’s creativity is infectious, and her commitment to sourcing local, seasonal ingredients perfectly reflects our dedication to farm-to-table dining.”

Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen is located at 6130 Luther Lane in Dallas, TX. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Sunday through Friday and for dinner on Saturday.


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10 responses to “Newbold Named Chef at Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen

  1. kat

    Great news, I hope she brings some of the goodness back to BP. Last time we ate there it was lacking. Also hope she brings at least one vegetarian dish in; with all that “local” and “freshness”going on it should not be that hard.

  2. Annetta

    CONGRATULATIONS — Jennifer. I will be sure to look you up if I get to Dallas — not just a quick drive from Castle Rock, CO. but who knows where life will take me.

    Your are the best!
    Aunt Annetta

    • Jennifer Newbold

      Thanks David and Annetta, it has been so long since I have seen you both. Hopefully you can make your way to Dallas! It would be an honor to cook for you! Much love.

  3. Leanne

    Jennifer is an amazing chef!!!!

  4. Your Uncle David

    CONGRATULATIONS — Jennifer. What a loss to us up here in the Greater Seattle area, you have turned out to be an amazing Gal and Chef to.

  5. Sarah Mizrach

    Awesome Jennifer, Yay you deserve it.. You rock!!! BTW thank you for the oh so YUMM simple salmon tacos at lunch. Plus everything else you do!!

  6. Jennifer Newbold

    Thanks Sarah. Glad you like the tacos!

  7. Kelly Camp

    As one who has had the privilege of enjoying Chef Newbolds sinfully delicious creations while she was Chef de Cuisine at Blue Point Coastal Cuisine in San Diego ; I just have to say Ya’ll are in for a treat!! Congrats Jen.

    I know you will knock their socks off…

  8. Cheri White

    Oh My Gosh, Jen, I have been trying to find out where you were for a long time! Sooo Proud of you and excited for you!!! We aren’t that far apart! Jeff and I moved to San Antonio! I saw a post that said they were hoping for vegetarian dishes, well I can say to her! Watch out becasue you make amazing vegetarian dishes!! So glad you are doing so well. I am just starting up again with my specialty foods business, similar to the one I had in Seattle years ago. Herbal and low or no sugar products as well as grilling sauces and mustards. A new chapter for us. Get in touch when you can, I know you are busy.
    Cheri White

  9. David

    We were in tonight. Our meal was AWESOME! Welcome to Dallas Jennifer!!! We look forward to dining with you often.
    David, Eva, and GB

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