British Insect Invasion: Adam Ant Can Stand and Deliver a Knockout Show

By Jeanine Stevens

It was 1984 reincarnated—well almost—as Adam Ant took the stage at the Granada after almost 30 years of mayhem and (in some cases) psychiatric madness. The of over 1,000 was ready to party: Antfans, some wildly dressed, hardly skipped a pogo beat as the Prince Charming pirate played 28 rocking songs including such crowd-pleasers as “Vive Le Rock” and “Goody Two Shoes.”

Bespectacled, still trim and dressed in his dandy Hussar jacket and high black feathered hat (alas, no white stripe across his cheeks and nose), the former Stewart Goddard looked like Johnny Depp meets King of the Wild Frontier. 

The voice was predictably a bit weaker than it used to be, and sometimes the music overpowered the vocals. But when hits like “Antmusic” rocked the house, the audience responded with joyful and frenzied abandon. Adam proved he still had it with 1995’s “Wonderful” and “Vince Taylor,” a track from his upcoming CD, “Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter.”

Not one but two lady drummers kept the driving rhythms, a refreshing distraction. Notably absent, though, was the trademark horn section that once made songs like “Desperate But Not Serious” so memorable. The retro-rock opening act, Dallas’ The Justin Kipker Show, provided a very theatrical and fun experience. The fact that both Adam Ant and Mr. Kipker did T. Rex covers in their respective sets made the evening flow even more smoothly.

When Adam Ant last played Dallas, he headlined at the old Bronco Bowl and swung shirtless like Tarzan from the rafters, bringing with him a little opening band called INXS. His comeback last Friday melted away the years, putting many Dallasites in a happy place once more…and we’re not talking mental institution.



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  1. Ummm….. there is only one lady drummer. The other is named Andy and he’s a guy.

  2. woody

    She’s a bonafide sex symbol . , someone’s gotta have the dirt on her name somewhere online!

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