Latest Oreo Flavor Debuts. Watermelon, Anyone?

watermelon orby Steven Doyle

The people at Nabisco’s Oreo factory are seemingly bored with making a single flavor of cookie. Sure, there is that certain guilty pleasure of tackling a handful of the chocolate sandwich cookies alongside a tall glass of cold milk. Whether you are a dunker or a twister, this is something we participate in at least once a year.

In the past the makers have experimented a bit. Double Stuff is plump with more of that questionable filling, and at times they had the tenacity to coat the entire cookie with chocolate. Then there was the ill-fated gingerbread version, and of course the candy corn flavor cookie.


To ring in what looks to be a very warm summer season, Oreo has introduced their version of the watermelon. They have partnered with Target, where all the unusual flavors from Oreo past have been sold. Now you can buy a ration of the melon flavored cookies for about three bucks. Expect a candied watermelon taste and there are no seeds to contend with.

Are these new Oreo’s any good? If you enjoy a vanilla cookie jammed with a filling that tastes a lot like a Jolly Rancher, this is the cookie for you. On sale now for a limited time.

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