Palette to Palate 2013 This Saturday, Buy Your Tickets Now

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Experience the tantalizing tastes and culinary creations of our Executive Chefs and Culinary Partners at Palette to Palate 2013. The tastes you’ll experience have been carefully prepared to showcase the expertise, experience, training and love of food for your enjoyment. An extensive collection of food, wine, and this year for your enjoyment craft beer, tequila, vodka, artisan cheeses, and sweets as your passport tour takes you through the Frontiers of Flight Museum. During the tour you’ll enjoy the flavors of a modern American, New Mexico, Mexican, Venezualan, Mongolian, French kitchens, and more while browsing the array of Featured Texas Artists.         

The mystical flavors of tequila from Oaxaca will be in your tasting tour. Wines from Spain, Chile, and California will be poured for your discriminating palate. And the jazzy spirit of Nue Vodka from North Texas and Deep Eddy Vodka from Austin.

Smooth cheeses with flavors of habanero, sharp, extra sharp, and lightly smooth to compliment the mix. And to finalize the last note, it would only be appropriate that it be a sweet note of handmade toffee with a comforting cup of coffee or tea to review the silent auction.

Get your game on at the live auction. Then grab your partner and do-si-do to the lively beats of the Def Katz until midnight. The Frontiers of Flight Museum, the place where the celebration of food, wine, art and more will happen. We are so excited to have this exquisite array of flavors and culinary delights for your discriminating experience at Palette to Palate 2013. Buy your tickets here.

The event benefit LOVE FOR KIDS, INC., a 501(c) (3) Charity (LFK) was established in 1975 by Bill Barrett, local businessman and philanthropist, and Alan Powdermaker, CEO of Circle R Ranch. They both determined the focus of the charity would be “to enrich the quality of life of the young and young-at-heart within the Dallas/Fort Worth community who are in need of benevolent services”. To learn more about Love For Kids click away here.

Live entertainment provided by Def Katz

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