Leftovers App Gives Pause To The Plate

leftovers2by Steven Doyle

I will be very honest, I am a selfish man when it comes to my groceries. Sure, when I was a young boy I was eager to trade off my mom’s egg salad sandwich for peanut butter, what a sucker move that was. But as an adult I am more protective of my plate and have become a slight germaphobe.

You can imagine the horror I felt when I learned about an app that allows you to swap leftovers. No longer are you required to finish that last terrine of tuna casserole, or the eyeball that half roasted chicken that will more than likely see the trash bin before it reaches your dining room table for the third time.  

Creators Bryan Summersett and Dan Newman came up with the idea three years ago while roommates at the University of Michigan. They say American waste so much food and they’re hoping the idea of stopping that waste would get you excited enough to use the app and share your extra leftovers.

The service isn’t up and running yet, but you can sign up to get more information at Leftoverswap.com. Now you have a home for that giant Tupperware container full of cassoulet.

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