San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2014: Friday was ‘Texas Spirits Night’

IMG_3208Live Music Throughout The Night

by Andrew Chalk

One of the hottest destinations in San Antonio right now is ‘Pearl’, a mixed use residential, retail and entertainment complex centered around the old Pearl brewery. The brewery is being completely gutted to make way for a new Kimpton Hotel that rejuvenates the fine architectural details and southern elevation of the old brewery. I recommend a visit.

I’ll drink to that or, rather, I did on the second night of the San Antonio Cocktail Conference this  month. It was Texas Spirits Night and, having written about the burgeoning Texas wine industry many times, it is reassuring to see that the same phenom is rampant in the spirits world. Whether you want whiskey, vodka, gin or tequila, it is all available from in-state and you have the choice of several producers too.    

I toured the hall with my camera and caught some of the action…



IMG_3174Boiler House Soup

IMG_3175Macaroons from Bakery Lorraine (Thomas Keller emigrées)




IMG_3201Fruits for The Cocktails



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