Taco Bell Introduces the Breakfast Waffle Taco

tacobellby Steven Doyle

We get dozens of foodie press releases each day, and you will be happy that we spare you the drudgery of most of them. Then we come across the Taco Bell entry, which we would typically pass on.But the announcement of new breakfast items was far too entertaining to pass up.   cinnabon_delights

Behold: The Taco bell Waffle Taco. Other menu items include hash browns, steak and egg burritos, and “Mountain Dew A.M.”—a sugar-heavy cocktail of OJ stirred up with Mountain Dew.  he new taco will go well with the newly introduced Cinnabon Delights which are basically cinnamon sugar doughnut holes filled with frosting. Taco Bell plans to sell the new morning menu until 11am.

Enough said.


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