New Girl Scout Cookie Sales Champ, Elizabeth Brinton

Katie Francisby Mark Shaeffer

If you haven’t bought any Girl Scout Cookies yet, you have only three more days to do so. If you already have, you probably bought them from 11-year-old Katie Francis in Oklahoma City. Katie has destroyed the record for most cookies sold, which stood for close to 30 years. The previous record of 18,000 boxes was set by Elizabeth Brinton, who actually has a Wikipedia page that is divided into “cookie years” and “later years.”  

So far, Katie has unloaded 18,107 boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas and their lesser-known cookie comrades over the past seven weeks. We will do the pertinent math so you don’t have to: That is 2,587 boxes a week, 518 boxes a day, and at $5 a box she has raised $90,535 for the Girl Scouts.

Katie has demolished her number from last year—an embarrassing 12,428 boxes. She doesn’t claim to have a secret, so we can chalk up the additional 5,679 units to experience. Most impressive? She managed to sell more than the girl outside the pot dispensary. Katie says she hopes to move more than 20,000 boxes by the time she’s done, which will probably put the mark out of reach for years to come.

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