Get Iced And Enjoy A Beer At Rabbit Hole This Weekend

rabbit_hole_jpg_800x800_q85by Steven Doyle

Obviously, the ALS Ice Challenge has taken the world by storm and it’s raised a ton of money to help fight the dreaded disease ALS. Recently Rabbit Hole Brewery was challenged by Melissa Peticolas, the better half of the Peticolas Brewing operation in Dallas.   

Rabbit Hole accepted the challenge and today issued a challenge to their fans to show up on Saturday during their regularly scheduled brew tour and get Ice Bucketed (is that a word?). For every person that takes on the challenge, RHB will donate $5 to ALS. They normally have about 150-200 fans on Saturdays but if they get a bunch more, that just means a bigger donation for ALS. There is no cost to participate – every person that shows up and accepts the challenge, a donation will be made. The ice buckets start chilling at 2pm.

Rabbit Hole is located at 608 Topeka in Justin, Texas.

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