Cannabis Pizza Coming To Your Home Soon

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Rejoice, lovers of pizza and pot (where it is legal). The two may soon be combined into one perfect munchie. A Pennsylvania-based company called Unique Pizza is developing a cannabis-infused sauce for use on freezer-aisle pies. At the urging of his largest shareholder, CEO Jim Vowler is working with infusion chefs in Colorado to create the sauce.

We’re truly turning the corner on the weed issue when investors think it will be good business to sell edibles. The unnamed shareholder is Canadian and is probably hoping to take advantage of last week’s Canadian Supreme Court ruling that declared the country’s ban on pot edibles unconstitutional.  

The only potential barrier to an “It’s not delivery. It’s doob-giorno” frozen pizza (the ads write themselves, people) may actually be Jim Vowler. Despite the announcement and some investor support, Vowler said, “We are certainly family-oriented and I’m not sure if the marijuana pizza fits in our mold or not.”

Nevertheless, the research process is under way. If Unique doesn’t bring it to market though, it’s really only a matter of time until someone does. A stuffed-crust pizza with pot sauce would almost certainly be the best-selling menu item in the history of pizza.


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  1. Gabe

    I like the wood fired pizza at Peak Wood Fired Grill and also at Princi Italia, both thin, crisp crusts.

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