The Loon Has A New Home

loonby Steven Doyle

Cliff Gonzalez has been on the look out for a new location for some time now since the closing of the iconic Uptown bar The Loon was demolished to make way for what should be the best CVS Pharmacy in the country.  Reports of negotiations have taken us across the city with the last sighting on Maple Avenue, very near The Grapevine Bar. Well, we have a very good source that now places the new bar back on McKinney Avenue.    

The location is at 3404 McKinney. If that sounds familiar it’s because that is where House 34 recently shuttered. It is close enough to where the new CVS will be located, and in an ironic turn, you could park in the exact spot where The Loon was formerly located and bounce over to the new location.

We also understand that a working title for the new bar is not actually The Loon, but rather Cliff’s Bar and Grill.  Who cares what it is called as long as there are ridiculously strong drinks and that chicken fried steak I so longingly miss.


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  1. If you parked in that lot and so much as stepped off the concrete your car got towed. No reason to believe having CVS there will make any difference. There is parking behind that formerly House 34 building. Also a large street side patio. Staying that close to their own location would be a great move for the Loon, or whatever name they come up with. Maple would be a tough sell. The recent loss of Herrera’s shows that rents are becoming gentrified almost overnight. Of course, McKinney ave. Ain’t cheap, but the Loon is known over there. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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