Party With Kent Rathbun At His 15 Year Anniversary Party

kentby Steven Doyle

For the past 15 years Kent Rathbun has seen every type of restaurant imaginable open and close in the Dallas area. Through times of great joy and adversity, Abacus has stood strong as one of our city’s finest. Rathbun continually upgrades his programs keeping pace with with trends and tastes, but has remained solid as a leader in his field.  

As with every mainstay restaurant in the Dallas area, such as the Mansion and Stephan Pyles, Rathbun has seen his fair share of incredibly wonderful chefs come through his kitchen. Most recently chefs Omar Flores and Tre Wilcox, both who will be helping in one of several celebrations you will be able to attend. There will also be a huge party at Abacus with BBQ, music and libations September 27th. Check out the website for more details and to purchase tickets.




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