Top four places to enjoy tiramisu at Dallas

by Jeff Holder

Dallas is synonymous to cowboys, assassination spot of Kennedy, Highland Park Village and some alluring online casinos. When it comes to Texas cuisine, people only think of the sumptuous, hot, spicy, barbeque-sauce dipped dishes that can leave your taste buds asking for more. But Dallas can also melt your tongue with its rich variety of sweet and yummy desserts and confectionery. One of the highly recommended dishes is tiramisu. Given below are the list of top four highly rated restaurants that dish out this Italian dessert.

Urban Crust

Urban Crust is the perfect place to have a good hearty Italian cuisine. An ideal hangout spot for families and friends, Urban Crust knows to keep their customers happy with its lip-smacking dishes consisting of pizza salads and pepperoni. It has delicious desserts to satiate your sweet tooth. You can voraciously indulge in their pie, chocolate cakes and gelato. Tiramisu is their signature dessert and a bite of it literally tastes like heaven in your mouth. The casual ambience welcomes people to wind up after a long, dreary day. You can down yourself with draft beer, mimosas or wine. For non-alcoholics, they have ice tea, lemonade and bread drinks. You can throw any party at this place as their staff ensures good and happy times for everyone. The dishes do not burn a hole in the pocket as they are extremely reasonable. The cool and comfy decor makes anyone feel like home.


Ferrari’s is a family-friendly Italian restaurant that serves authentic Italian dishes with love and warmth. You can gorge at their mouthwatering shrimp scampi, gnocchi and antipasto to satiate your taste buds and then dig at their delicious tiramisu, gelato and cheesecakes. You can quench your thirst with their famous beer, marsala and martinis. What makes this place a class apart is the care you receive from the staff. They ensure that you step out of this place with good memories only. All the dishes are priced at reasonable rates which makes it an ideal party spot as you will see people throwing anniversary, wedding and birthday parties. The positive and relaxing vibe of the place can let anyone go of their worries. 

Pane Vino Osteria

Pane Vino Osteria takes pride in serving genuine and authentic Italian dishes. They do not compromise on quality and taste. You will find yourself indulging in their famously cooked fried prawns, mushroom risotto and tortellini. Their desserts comprising tiramisu, bread pudding and apple pie will leave a long-lasting lingering taste on your tongue. If chocolate is what makes you happy, their chocolate frappe will definitely make a first good impression on you. To wind up your meal, do not miss out on their sangria, limoncello and chianti. A perfect blend of Texas and Italian look, the restaurant’s chilling ambience makes it perfect for casual hangouts. The staff can get creative with their service and leave no stuff unturned to make their customers feel at ease. 


Looking to fill up your stomachs with a sumptuous Italian meal? Then look no further than Taverna. A vegetarian’s paradise, you can relish yourself in gluten-free pizza, risotto and ravioli. Treat yourself with the lingering sweetness of tiramisu, French toasts and cheesecakes. A good wine, bellini or Mimosa will keep all your stress and tiredness at bay. For coffee lovers, a decent cup of espresso or cappuccino can revitalise you for the rest of the day. Located at a prime location, transportation is of convenience here. People can be at peace in their cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

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