Eataly Dallas to Debut New Caffè Lavazza on First Floor, Opens May 6 at 5 p.m.

On May 6, 2021 at 5 p.m, Eataly Dallas will open its first-floor café, Caffè  Lavazza, which promises to be an Italian-style and all-day experience. The café, opening with Eataly’s  partners at Lavazza, will serve as the store’s first-floor entrance from NorthPark Center, welcoming guests  into an authentic Italian café as their first contact with the marketplace. This grand opening marks the  completed construction of Eataly’s 46,000 square foot Dallas store. Two of the three levels of the Italian  emporium have been open and thriving since December 9, 2020.  

Caffè Lavazza will have different offerings over the course of a single day for guests to pick up and enjoy  in the cafè. In the morning, guests will be treated to the best cappuccino experience in the city, made with  a blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans, local milk, and time-honored technique. Guests can enjoy  their coffee seated in the cafè or request their coffee drinks for take-away, along with savory paninetti  (small breakfast sandwiches) or sweet cornetti (Italian croissants) and housemade pastries. The lunch  menu features a variety of light panini and salads for a convenient and high-quality lunch. Bringing some  of Eataly’s most beloved producers from the marketplace to Caffè Lavazza, the housemade breakfast and  lunch options will feature imported and local ingredients like Callipo tuna, Creekstone Farms roast beef,  Profound Farms lettuce, and more. Guests returning for the merenda (afternoon snack) or after-dinner  wine cocktails can pair their beverage with housemade pastries and cake loafs from our expert pastry  team. 

The star of Caffè Lavazza will be La Torre (The Tower), a multi-tiered tower overflowing with delectable  treats. An Italian favorite often found in elegant metropolitan bars, La Torre will be offered all day long  and will feature a vast array of savory or sweet bites to share amongst friends (or enjoy yourself), all made  fresh every morning by Eataly’s expert pastry chefs. From iconic pastries like Babà Napoletano (Neapolitan  rum cake) and Tartina al Limone (lemon tart) to mini panini or the beloved salatini – savory puff pastry  morsels like spinach and ricotta-stuffed puff pastry, parmigiano cookies, and pizzette (little pizzas) served  in every bar as an afternoon snack or a treasured aperitivo delight – La Torre is guaranteed to please  everyone at the table.  

“The opening of Eataly Dallas has been one of the most meaningful achievements in the history of our US  expansion.” said Raffaele Piarulli, Executive Vice President of Eataly North America. “Finally bringing the  project, together with our friends at Lavazza, to its full completion and giving our many beloved guests  yet another opportunity to explore and enjoy a high quality, authentic Italian experience, makes us very  excited for the future.”

Of course, Caffè Lavazza wouldn’t be an Italian-style café without the highest quality coffee from Eataly’s  partners at Lavazza. Created by Luigi Lavazza in 1895 in Torino, Italy (where Eataly was founded) and  boasting over 120 years of history, Lavazza is the ideal partner for Eataly in this café. Both Eataly and  Lavazza have their roots in Piemonte, and share a common passion for quality, excellence, and creating  an authentic Italian experience that highlights important values in Italian food and culture. 

“We can’t wait to bring the authentic Lavazza café experience to Dallas, one of our top strategic markets  as a major consumer hub. The opening is representative of our brand growth in the United States,” said  Davide Riboni, President of Lavazza BU Americas. “Eataly has been a valued, longtime partner in bringing  quality Italian culinary experiences to new markets, and we are honored to be a part of this expansion.” 

As a new member in the Dallas social landscape, Eataly Dallas has been creating spaces for the community  to come together over high-quality, authentic food and beverages. With the opening of Caffè Lavazza,  Eataly is introducing an exciting concept that’s celebrated throughout Italy and is now making its way  across the ocean to Dallas – the caffè sospeso.  

Caffè sospeso literally means “suspended coffee” – a way to pay it forward, one espresso at a time. This  little act of kindness originated among Neapolitan working-class neighborhoods: when someone  stumbled upon good fortune, they would buy two espressos but drink only one, leaving the second one  “suspended” for anyone else in their community to claim and enjoy. Eataly Dallas’ Caffè Lavazza is  bringing this Italian way of life stateside: when guests purchase their espresso, they will also have the  opportunity to buy an extra coffee that any other Dallasite can walk in and enjoy, no questions asked, at  any time. Embracing Dallas’ charitable spirit, the caffè sospeso invites the community to embrace one  another just as the Italians do – with a small and simple act of kindness centered around good food and  drink. 

To honor the Dallas community, on May 7, for every caffè ordered, Eataly will match the amount of the  caffè sospeso to The Family Place. The Family Place is the largest family violence service provider in  Texas, empowering victims of family violence with safe housing, counseling, and skills to create  independence. Eataly Dallas partnered with The Family Place in March, and looks forward to creating  this donation opportunity again.  

Embracing its authentic Italian offering, Caffè Lavazza is about coming together. It’s a place to start your  day with traditional espresso and a classic Italian cornetto (breakfast pastry) while reading the newspaper,  and finish your day over a refreshing wine cocktail and La Torre (The Tower) of savory bar snacks, and in  great company.  

Caffè Lavazza joins Terra, La Pizza & La Pasta, and Il Pastaio as one of the restaurant offerings inside Eataly  Dallas. As Eataly’s marketplace continues to thrive at NorthPark Center, health & safety remain top  priorities. Eataly Dallas continues to require a mask for our employees and guests and will follow social  distancing guidelines in our store. Eataly continues to monitor the situation and as conditions improve,  they look forward to bringing more and more of the Eataly experience to Dallas.

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