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Truck Yard Debuts Trucktoberfest by Tapping Dennis Wehrmann’s 200 Year Old Keg

Trucktoberfest will feature a lively line-up of adult, kid, and dog-friendly activities such as a Stein Holding Contest and Wiener Dog Race. Many revelers proudly don the traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl. And in keeping true to tradition, locally loved Brew Boss Dennis Wehrmann is tapping his great grandfather’s 200-year-old keg of Truck Yard’s “Trucktoberfest” brew.Signature activities include:

“The 200-year-old keg came from my great grandfather’s brewery in Germany. It was made with authentic German hops and lager yeast, which are not available in the US and brewed true to tradition. Enjoying beer that’s un-Americanized, like Oktoberfest, alongside the great local beers being served at the event will definitely be one of the great moments of my career.” Dennis Wehrmann, Beer Boss

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