The Art of Making Gelato

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Gelato has soared in popularity in recent years, but authentic, Italian-style gelato is hard to come by in America. Chef Morgan Morano of Morano Gelato is on a mission to change all that with her book The Art of Making Gelato: 50 Flavors to Make at Home. With both classic and innovative gelato and sorbet recipes, Morano reveals the techniques, language and authentic ingredients behind Italian gelato making that has made Morano Gelato a consistent pick for America’s best gelato. 

Morano opened her gelato shop in Hanover, NH in 2010 after spending time under the tutelage of a Sicilian gelato maker in Florence, Italy. With degrees in history, anthropology and culinary arts, Morano was enraptured by the gelato culture in Italy—a culture she saw lacking in gelato recipes and shops in America. She brings the lost art of gelato into readers’ homes with The Art of Making Gelato.

Italian gelato is a softer, creamier and denser alternative to its American counterpart, churned more slowly and frozen at a slightly higher temperature. Morano focuses on weaving classic Italian gelato culture into the recipes by using Italian names and authentic flavors and ingredients. The Art of Making Gelato features basic gelato and sorbetto techniques, equipment recommendations and Morano’s personal perspective on each flavor.

The book’s recipes include basics such as Fior di Latte (sweet milk) and Stracciatella (chocolate chip), classic Italian flavors like Menta (mint), Olio d’Oliva (olive oil) and Zabaione (sweet wine custard) and innovative twists along the lines of Torta di Mele (apple pie) and Ciambella (doughnut). Each recipe in The Art of Making Gelato has been tested by Morano personally and many are served in her shops.

The Art of Making Gelato can be purchased wherever books or e-books are sold.

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