Going vegan and not losing hope in the process

For many people, the idea of quitting animal-based food seems completely intimidating, especially after a long-set life with the same eating habits. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, going vegan is a big step to take, one which can only be made after
careful consideration and enough research to understand what is healthy for you and guarantee a sustainable lifestyle.

When you start reading about Veganism, you could get easily overwhelmed, but no stress! There is a great community out there
who can help you settle in and make the process a little easier. Going vegan is about constant learning, so today I will share a few
tips to kick off your vegan life and more importantly, learn to stick with it.

As mentioned before, no matter the reason why you decided to go vegan, it is indeed an important decision. However, once you
have chosen to make the switch it is vital that you recognize the details it entails and how you can show up for yourself every day.
Being vegan is not new, but still, there are a lot of misconceptions around the topic that may bring you down and dishearten you.
from continuing, allow yourself to step back for a moment and reflect on your choice. It is not an overnight decision, so be patient
with yourself and celebrate those small victories.

Your meals don’t have to be miserable

Another huge misunderstanding about going vegan is that “food will no longer be enjoyable” and that cannot be more far from the
truth. Actually, you can even open up to trying new flavors and adding new ingredients to your meals that can enhance your diet
and still make it a satisfying process.
There are so many vegan alternatives to your favorite dishes. In fact, you would be really surprised at how much you can achieve
with plant-based ingredients. Can you picture a Vegan Meatloaf? Well, say no more, let me show you a recipe using brown rice
and BBQ sauce to prepare this delicious (and nutritious) treat and maybe even surprise your non-vegan friends.


Just like with “regular food”, it’s important that we don’t ignore the nutrients and vitamins our body needs and that we usually get
from our meals. Research is key, so consider getting help from a nutritionist or dietitian to know where to find the essential
protein source and nutrients for a strong and functioning system.

Keep pushing for your goal

This really ties back to remembering why you are doing it, this is your personal decision and as long as you are doing it right, then
that’s all that matters. Take it a day at a time, baby steps are better than nothing.
Setting goals for your progress is a great idea to stay motivated. Maybe start by cutting on dairy or meat from one of your
current meals or look for vegan alternatives on a specific ingredient you consider way too difficult to give up. Believe me, there are thousands of recipes out there fitting even the most extravagant culinary preferences, you just need to dig in and find what works best for you.

If it is taking longer than expected to go full-vegan, don’t stress. In the end, if this is truly what you want, then you will learn to
appreciate the process and feel proud of what you accomplish for your own personal goals.

A few vegan alternatives to try on your day to day

● Chickenless dip: A sauce made from blended tomato slices, chickpeas and flavored with lemon juice, cumin and tahini.
● Vegan burrito: Wrap filled with fried beans, lettuce, tomato, avocado and seasoning.
● Aquafaba: Basically water from canned chickpeas. Believe it or not, this is an excellent substitute for egg white, useful to
make meringues, mousses and lots of desserts like macaroons and brownies.
● Milk substitutes: Popular non-dairy options include oat, soy and almond, some even accessible to make at home!
Coconut-based creams and yogurts are also increasingly famous, ideal to eat with fruits or cereals or to include in other
The resources are out there, you just need to step a bit out of your comfort zone and open your mind to new and exciting ways
to prepare and eat your daily meals with a new approach.

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