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America’s Douchiest Bars

by Rob Corddry

[Ed. note: You may know today’s writer from The Daily Show, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Childrens Hospital. He’s Rob Corddry, and we asked him about the douchiest bars in the country. Not that we frequent them or anything.]

Weymouth, Massachusetts: The Sports Page I don’t think this bar still exists, if it ever did. It was called the “Sports Something or Other” and it was filled with guys who used to punch me in the face in high school and now seem to have more of a reason to do so. Why did I think being in a movie with Ashton Kutcher would lend me any street cred with these heavy-fisted people? I have fond memories of high school and relish the moments when I run into someone I spent so many formative years with. Except the face-punchers. They can go to hell. Address Unknown       Continue reading


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