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Gascon Releases a New Red Blend

DMG Winemaker Nesti Bajdaby Andrew Chalk

The Argentine winery Don Miguel Gascon (known mainly as just ‘Gascon’ in the U.S.) has established a devoted following for its malbec and Malbec Reserve. Now the winery has stepped out of the pure Malbec model to release a new wine that is a blend of Malbec with four other varieties. ‘Colosal’, as the blend is named, is 61% Malbec, 16% Bonarda, 13% Syrah and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Last week, Gascon winemaker Ernesto Bajda, came through town and tasted me on the new wine, the 2011.

Much like a Bordeaux is a blend of up to five grapes that make the whole more than the sum of its parts, so the Mendoza-sourced Colosal takes Malbec as its core but adds other grapes to produce a more complex and unusual wine. Bonarda contributes dark color and fruit without requiring high alcohol. Syrah adds to the complexity through earthy notes and spices. Cabernet Sauvignon gives the wine structure.    Continue reading


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