Suspect Mondays : It’s all the RAGE!!

By Bryan Coonrod

Photos by Jason Acton

While on normal Mondays most of Dallas’s nightlife scene has taken it’s break from a weekend of partying, but not at Elm St Bar. Suspect Mondays is a weekly event with local and international DJ’s playing dubstep. Not privy to what dubstep is? Let me explain briefly, if you can imagine a slower hip hop beat with a heavy wobbling bassline that can destroy most home speakers, you may just start to understand. It has began in London and has made it’s way stateside and rising in popularity in the last few years with several nightclubs dedicating a night to just this genre. Artists and producers like Bassnectar, Skream, Benga, Chase & Status and Nero launching it into overdrive as the popularity has grown. In Dallas there are several clubs that focus a night on dubstep but nothing has come close to the scene on Mondays. Attending is a bit like going to an underground fashion show that has it’s own unique dancing style called shuffling and the regulars throwing up a hand of rage in approval of songs that looks like the bear claw the Texas Rangers used this year. Over 200 recently showed up for their Valentine’s Day party that had guests Irresponsible Voltron from Austin as the DJ’s. It was night filled with massive bass, confetti and silly string that kept the crowd in a frenzy all night.

Suspect Mondays is at Elm St Bar at 2810 Elm St every Monday in Deep Ellum with Resident DJ’s Mike Townsend, Jimmy B, Genova and Royal Highnuss. Feb 28th will be guests Space Thugs. Join the rage movement as soon as you can.

Thanks to Jason Acton for the photos.

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