Foreign Domestic – Injera

By Simon Martin

The area around Greenville Avenue from Park Lane to just north of Forest Lane has a cluster of Ethiopian restaurants, earning the vicinity the moniker Little Ethiopia, though there are other Ethiopian restaurants scattered around Dallas. Queen of Sheba (comes to mind. Along with eateries like Kereje, Desta and the much-ballyhooed Lalibela (groceries and markets have sprung up near Greenville. One such market is Abeba Foods to Go at 6882 Shady Brook Lane.

Injera is a spongy, slightly sour flatbread that serves as the base of platters of Ethiopian delights. The bread also replaces utensils as an eating implement for such traditional dishes as kifto, raw (or lightly sautéed) beef, giving Ethiopian food an intimate and romantic quality.

If you’re not up to experimenting with Ethiopian food at home, check out one of the restaurants listed above.

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  1. The food looks similar to Indian dishes. Is that correct?

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