Lance Lopez Gets Bad To The Bone

By Nicholas Bostick

Photos by Nicholas Bostick

Last Saturday the Bone in Deep Ellum was filled with the southern inspired sounds of local blues rock band, Lance Lopez.  They have just started a world tour and released their fifth album, and it sounds great. The lead guitarist/singer Lance Lopez is reminiscent of a deeper toned John Popper, while the bassist and drummer (Chris Gipson and Jimmy Dereta respectively) impressed as well. It wasn’t long before elderly couples were dancing along with a man in a wheelchair to the jam-band-esque grooves that poured out of the bar. They list their influences as ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan among others; they played one hell of show last Saturday night (which just so happened to be Chris Gipson’s birthday). This is a great example of a local band that is making its mark, the fifth album and a world tour can only spell great things for this talented group. Keep an eye out for them next time they come to town, and check their myspace for more information.

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