Subway Overshadows McDonald’s

by Steven Doyle

It would appear that American tastes are changing. Recent documents prove that we  have officially switched affection for one clown (Ronald) with another (Jared). The numbers were made official in a Securities and Exchange Commission show that Subway has taken the lead in what traditionally has been a burger-centric industry. Subway states they are at a mean 34,239 stores versus McDonald’s 32,737.

What does this say for the fast food industry? It could very well mean that a Subway Franchise costs a lot less to operate than a McDonald’s. As the burger magnate scrambles to improve their product, they need to be ever watchful of the Yum! Brands which holds KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell among other franchises. Seems the Colonel and his gang collectively operate 38,000 stores worldwide. Yum! is now directly marketing to the ever-emerging China.

As these giants battle it out for top billing, craveDFW will continue to fill you in on better local eateries. Stay tuned.

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