Celtic Punk and Vegan Music

by Bryan Coonrod

Dropkick Murphys – Going Out In Style

Since St. Patty’s day is here let’s get in the mood with those Irish boys from Boston with their latest CD which is long overdue with 4 years gone by since the last offering from the stalwarts of Celtic Punk Rock.  Going Out In Style is a collection of hard driving punk songs with each telling a story about a fictional character named Cornelius Larkin based on experiences and journeys of the band members. Stand out tracks are ” Hang Em High’, ” Going Out In Style”,  “Deeds Not Words”, ” Take Em Down” and ” The Irish Rover”. Just about all these songs will get you in the mood to sing a long and hoist a beer. Also there are some guest appearances from Bruce Springsteen and Fat Mike from the band NOFX.  Not only do these boys rock it out but the lead singer has also just opened a bar in Providence R.I. called Whiskey Republic.

Citizen Fish – Goods

Sticking with the Punk theme we jump across the pond to Bath, England for the latest from ska pioneers Citizen Fish. Also considered a side project band to the Subhumans these guys always make strong political and social statements in their songs and are all Vegans. Many Americans may not be too familiar with these guys but they have been churning out the awesome tunes since 1990 so maybe it’s time to give them a listen. If you liked early offerings from No Doubt and Fishbone you will enjoy this latest offering. Tracks not to be missed with this release are “Free Speech”, “Better”, “Marker Pen”, “Fearless” and the statement making song “Wake Up” all in all its foot stomping ska at it’s finest.

The Chapman Family – Burn Your Town

The first thing that came to mind listening to these songs was that Joy Division was still around and hired Bono as lead singer. This is a really great album if you are into early alternative acts like Joy Division, The Cure and The Clash. Like I said the lead singer sounds a bit like Bono from U2 and it fits this style of music so well. Formed in England in 1996 they are shooting up in popularity in a short time having played SXSW last year. This album sounds very fresh by sounding very nostalgic and every track is worth listening to, it really gives you a flashback to the early days of punk. 2 thumps up from me.

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