Restaurante Luna Opens Friday

by Steven Doyle

photos by Robert Bostick

We broke the story on the new Restaurante Luna Brookhollow  nearly a month ago that will open this Friday, and we were the first to  sample some of the cuisine that will be offered at the new restaurant.  The menu we sampled was limited to a pork and beef guisados, a fish dish and a piccadillo, but we eagerly await to try their slew of rellenos and especially the tablitas, a  delicious sagittal-cut grilled beef rib.

The pre-opening lent promise to the new restaurant that previously served small lunch item for the road at their tortilla factory next door. The tortilla and tamale giants are excited about the new restaurant and already have slated plans for locations across Dallas.

“This is something we have been planning for some time and this location was perfect for what we were looking for,” said the elder Fernando Luna.

Luna runs the new business that is separate from the factory next door with his son Fernando Jr., and they both seem to be enjoying their new workload.

It was great to see some of our contest winners at the preview, including Kat and her husband.


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4 responses to “Restaurante Luna Opens Friday

  1. Hub and I will be there tonight. Can’t wait!

  2. Kat

    Awww, you mentioned my name…again! Great visiting with you. The Luna family are so gracious, we enjoyed.

  3. Congrats Fernando
    What time will it be?

  4. John

    We were there last night , Food was awesome ,first of many visits!!!!

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