Best Deal: Five Sixty Lounge Tasting Menu

by Crave Staff

Just caught word of the new bar and lounge menu at Five Sixty, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the sky. The deal is pretty sweet and includes Sushi & Dim Sum that comes paired with a flight of Sake or Glass of Sparkling wine all for $25 Monday through Saturday. 

What you can expect is the Spicy Tuna Roll and Fresh Vegetable Roll, plus a selection of four of Five Sixty’s most popular dim sum including the Pork Belly “Tiny Dumpling”, Chicken Dumpling, Crystal Chive Dumpling, and Shrimp & Scallop Shu Mai.

If you haven’t been to this gem in the sky where reservations are a premium, take the elevator up 560 feet and slip comfortably into one of their lounge seats or belly up to the bar and soak up the spectacular view and enjoy.

Bar & Lounge at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck
300 Reunion Boulevard


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4 responses to “Best Deal: Five Sixty Lounge Tasting Menu

  1. Kat

    Previous to this special they had a incredible HH, I have to encourage everyone who has not made this their their weekly HH destination. The view is to die for, the service impeccable, the food delish and affordable at HH. Go now, run not walk to this great Dallas icon. For those concerned on their first visit as I was…parking is valet and they quickly scoop you up to 560 ft to a delightful HH. No headache, much reward.

  2. slade

    if only the service was a little better…my waiter sucked the last time i was there and at those prices….sheesh!

  3. Gary

    This looks great. Been looking for an excuse to go!

  4. A tip if you bring your kids. I saw a bunch of them playing behind the bar and one got his foot stuck as the restaurant is a revolving one. It gave everyone a big fright. BTW Five Sixty is very kid friendly I always see the little blighters out and about there every time I go. Our kids love the pork belly.

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