A Community That Is Really Cooking

by Crave Staff

Tomorrow Trammel S. Crow, Jr is hosting a party on the previous football field at South Dallas Paul Quinn College and has invited some great Dallas area chefs to help raise needed funds for the cause.

The local chefs that are setting up cooking station on the re-purposed football field that now serves as a working farm includes Graham Dodds (Bolsa), Julian Barsotti (Nonna), Randall Copeland (Ava), Jeff Harris (Red Fork), Janice Provost (Parigi), Kelly Hightower (Nova), Tim Bevins (Craft), Orazio Lamanna (Dallas Cowboys), and Kate Nelson (PieCurious).

The event will feature 30 tables of 10 people set up around the field and garden area with live music and stage at one end of the field, with music provided by The Bishop Arts Jazz Allstars.

The purpose for the event is to build upon this success and create a sustainable program and to raise funds to support daily operations, purchase an agricultural tractor, and ultimately build a greenhouse to help increase and sustain viable production of fresh produce for the community at Paul Quinn.

The current project has successfully transformed an unused football field into a thriving farm that has produced over 2,200 pounds of fresh organic produce within just two growing seasons. The conversion of the football field into an organic farm has provided fresh food options to the community and aroused interest within the student body.


The Farm brings healthy food to the neighborhood, engages students in meaningful learning projects, and provides an unparalleled opportunity for community and college interaction. Paul Quinn has been able to achieve these remarkable results with only approximately two acres of producing acreage. 

Tickets are still available for this very worthwhile event.

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