Glenfiddich Tasting Tonight

by Crave Staff

Here is a special opportunity for those that enjoy great scotch:

Glenfiddich Ambassadors Heather Greene, Freddy May and Mitch Bechard will roll actual casks around the streets, encouraging people to write their dreams and aspirations on them and enter for the chance to win one of a series of dream trips to explore their adventurous and culinary pursuits.

The event tonight will include a special unveiling of the signed cask after it has rolled around the iconic landmarks and streets of Dallas. Being held at Stanley Korshak suite 100, at 500 Crescent Court 7pm to 9:30pm, the tasting will trace the voyage of whisky from new make to single malt, demonstrating how whisky is transformed. Brand ambassador Freddy May will also discuss the new campaign and be on-hand to answers questions. 

At the end of the campaign, the casks will be sent to the storied Glenfiddich distillery in Scotland, where they will be used to finish a special limited edition expression of Glenfiddich, which will then be sold in the U.S in early 2012.

Glenfiddich has offered to host several Crave readers and encourages you to email them right away for one of the coveted spot this evening. Send your message to to get on this list. Crave’s editor Steven Doyle will be in attendance.


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2 responses to “Glenfiddich Tasting Tonight

  1. Jose Ralat Maldonado

    Wish I could go. I could use a good, stiff Scotch.

  2. I want to attend tasting tonight.

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