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Win a Piece of Le Creuset

by Crave Staff

Le Creuset  is a global company that creates beautiful and functional cookware with pieces such as the cast iron wok, an Indian karahi dish, a Japanese sukiyaki pan, an Italian risotto pot and a Moroccan tagine. The most recognizable in the United States are the enamel over cast iron pieces found in better shops everywhere.     Continue reading


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Ben and Jerry Have Shweddy Balls

by Steven Doyle

It’s not April first, so we have no reason to believe this is a hoax, but according to the Ben and Jerry website they plan to introduce a new flavor lovingly named “Shweddy Balls”.

Presumably both Ben and Jerry agree this is a flavor you will not be able to resist, naming the new flavor after a Saturday Night Live bit that featured Alec Baldwin as deadpan confectioner Pete Shweddy who often appeared on a public access program called “The Delicious Dish”.     Continue reading

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Conundrum Project: Harbinson

By Rich Rogers

“Do you want to participate in the Conundrum Project?” I usually say no to “a difficult problem or question.” As a small retailer, we have loads of Conundrums of our own. But this is a cheese problem and I couldn’t say no.

Jasper Hill Farms, a great Vermont cheesemaker, built the Cellars at Jasper Hill several years ago. The 22,000 square foot Cellars is the premiere aging facility in the United States. While many US cheesemakers practice the art of affinage, or cheese aging, themselves, much of Europe’s cheese production is split into 3 tiers – Milk production/animal husbandry, cheesemaking, and affinage (aging). The difficult task of cheesemaking is part science and part art. Aging cheeses also requires another skill set. Jasper Hill built the Cellars as a way to not only age their own cheeses, but to help a host of Vermont Dairy folk to take their unsustainable milk dairy and to help them become sustainable cheesemakers. By dropping their young cheeses off at the Cellars at Jasper Hill to be aged and distributed, these new cheesemakers can focus on just the cheesemaking aspect. Continue reading

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Tiny (Old) Bubbles

by Steven Lindsey

When somebody invites you to a private champagne tasting with a charming, knowledgeable expert visiting from one of the most venerable champagne houses in France, you don’t turn it down. When it’s at the Mansion on Turtle Creek, you let your child wait at the bus stop a few extra hours. And when it’s the rare, new-to-market Moët & Chandon 2002 Grand Vintage Champagne that you’re tasting before 99.9% of Dallas, you put your soul on eBay.  Continue reading


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Glenfiddich Tasting Tonight

by Crave Staff

Here is a special opportunity for those that enjoy great scotch:

Glenfiddich Ambassadors Heather Greene, Freddy May and Mitch Bechard will roll actual casks around the streets, encouraging people to write their dreams and aspirations on them and enter for the chance to win one of a series of dream trips to explore their adventurous and culinary pursuits.

The event tonight will include a special unveiling of the signed cask after it has rolled around the iconic landmarks and streets of Dallas. Being held at Stanley Korshak suite 100, at 500 Crescent Court 7pm to 9:30pm, the tasting will trace the voyage of whisky from new make to single malt, demonstrating how whisky is transformed. Brand ambassador Freddy May will also discuss the new campaign and be on-hand to answers questions.  Continue reading


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Dining On The Cutting Edge

by Ina Bostick

photos by Robert Bostick

Nothing will spoil a wonderful meal faster than having inferior flatware that is too light weight  or clunky.  Fortunately Crave had the opportunity to test a new line that is neither.  In fact this set adds the additional feature of having a beveled outer tine that allows the diner to cut meats.  This well balanced, well Continue reading

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