Week in Review: Scotch, In-N-Out and a Case of the Crabs

SpokesPup for Glenfiddich

by Steven Doyle

Another amazing week at craveDFW. Our statistics department claims that many of you love to read us, and its no wonder since the same department related that Crave readers have a 16% greater chance at finding love in a photo booth, and 33% likelier to have off-spring with above average intelligence.

I saw DMN Mr. Dallas out last night and he happily pointed out that this was the week of scotch tasting everywhere. I smacked my liver and thought for a moment and realized that it had been an exciting week for the spirit what with Glenfiddich, Dalmore and other brands sweeping through the city sampling their wares at various upscale venues and liquor stores in Dallas. It is not surprising since each of the distillers pointed out that Dallas buys more scotch than any city in North America. 

I offered Mr. Dallas a position in our statistics department for his keen observations. Still waiting his decision.

Tasting’s of the juice kind also made its rounds through Dallas, most notably at one of our favorite wine bars, Veritas on Henderson. David Donalson was in grape heaven. If you ever have a chance to meet the bloke, he is easily identified by his purple teeth. Our in-house sommelier boy wonder will be busy this coming week as he is off to another tasting at Pappas Brothers Steakhouse tonight, then he and his lovely bride Jackee (photo wiz) scamper off to New York City for the week. He promises at least two reports from the field. I am going to ask that he try out some of my favorite Xiao Long Bao haunts while there. Who doesn’t love a great soup dumpling?

Veritas Owner Brooks Favorite Photo of the Week

While the week was definitely booze-laden, we had a chance to dine at some fun places. Commissary has their soft shell crab burger which we highly recommend, as our friend Jon Alexis from TJ’s pointed out we are having a terrific crab season and they are all sweet and delicious. Chef Samir at Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse pointed out that he is serving an off-menu item today that involves his famous Kung Pao sauce and soft shell crabs. Get ‘em!

I guess using the term “Meat Jam” has an insane affect on you guys. We experienced a plethora of hits after tossing up a bit of news about a recent run to Lockhart Smokehouse and their innovation, Rib Jam. We will look for more opportunities for variety meats to be used in future posts on Crave.

Our Favorite Photo of the Week

Our Favorite Photo of the Week

We didn’t take the whole In-N-Out Burger thing too serious this week, it was widely covered by all the adults in the food writing world and didn’t think hearing about wailing crack-moms extolling the virtues of the SoCal burger merited much more attention. Well, we did speak to a wailing crack-mom this week at In-N-Out. It was fun and hope it’s a trend for the chain. If the company will send us a case of those funny paper hats to share with all of you we will do some more burger studies.

We will continue to cover the amazing events at Central Market’s Passport Espana. Wonderful 3 Michelin star chef’s do not normally roll into Dallas en masse and we are plenty excited.

Have a great weekend and keep your eyes peeled for cool Crave stories. We love it when you suggest nifty things you see and hear about.

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