Deep Ellum Brewing Company Needs You

by Steven Doyle

The good people behind Deep Ellum Brewing Company, a local outfit of brewers that are hoping to be open their doors very soon, were tossed a curve ball by their bank and need your help. As with most new concerns funding is the trickiest part of the business, and that appears to be the case for DEBC.

Here is their most recent blog written by John Reardon that explains their dilemma. Read this, then give John a call if you are so moved:  

“Our bank threw us a little curve ball last week requesting that we inject four more Units prior to funding. It was always a possibility, but hoped this sort of information would have come by now. The good news, however, is all of the heavy lifting has been done. We’ve got our location, building permit, brew house, cellar equipment, and have even submitted for our state and federal licenses. These four Units would complete the puzzle and have us operational within 60 to 90 days.”  — John Reardon

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