Shinsei’s Five Year Anniversary

by Steven Doyle

Happy anniversary, Shinsei and congratulations to both Tracy Rathbun and Lynae Fearing for five years of success with their restaurant Shinsei located at Inwood and Lovers Lane.

To celebrate their first five the two-some threw a party befitting the occasion and benefiting 5 separate charities that are near to the ladies.

What has become a staple for Asian cuisine and sushi conceived by the pair of restaurateurs almost started out as a taqueria or even possibly a yoga studio. 

We were able to briefly chat with the couple at the after-party held a few doors down at DUO  their newest concept that features high-end cooking paraphernalia and a venue for classes and parties,  and the ladies were appropriately elated.

Party Guests Included Abraham Salum and Friends

“One of the hardest things about running Shinsei is the fact that we are responsible for 60 lives, we had to make this work,” said Fearing.

“We try to keep everybody happy but at the same time we need to be happy and do the right thing for our business, it is difficult,” added Rathbun.

I asked how much more difficult it was to run two businesses versus just the one and Rathbun was quick to offer, “it is like having two children instead of one. But seriously you must have the right people in place. Lynae and I cannot do it all. I feel we have the right people.”

Lynae's Favorite: Pan Seared Halibut

So what do the ladies eat when at Shinsei?

“Some nights I look around and see what people are ordering before I decide, but we have this new menu and I really love the Pan Seared Halibut,”said Fearing.

The halibut she refers to includes beautiful bite-sized shrimp dumplings with coconut and lemongrass.

Both Rathbun and Fearing are looking forward to the next five years of a successful Shinsei.

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