Free Pizza to Celebrate Mav’s Victory

Dirk Likes Pie

by Crave Staff

Jay Jerrier owner of Cane Rosso just sent me a note letting craveDFW readers know that he is so smitten with your Dallas Mavericks Play-Off win that he is giving away free pizza Thursday night June 16, 2011 5pm to 7pm to celebrate.

There are a few stipulations. First he wants to make sure you are a true Mav’s fan before he parts with a free pie and the litmus test is wearing some sort of Maverick’s gear. Once passing the true-blue assessment he will lay a free Margherita Pizza. This is for dine-in only.

This Pizza Will Be Free!

If you haven’t tried the Cane Rosso Neapolitan pie this makes for a terrific opportunity for you and some friends to celebrate the incredible victory and enjoy one of the city’s top pizzas.

Remember, Cane Rosso’s patio pup friendly so bring him along to help celebrate!

Il Cane Rosso
2612 Elm Street, Deep Ellum


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2 responses to “Free Pizza to Celebrate Mav’s Victory

  1. Ohhh…please don’t take your dog to the parade. Way too hot, way too crowded, not a good idea at all. Leave him inside with the A/C blasting and a nice big bowl of water with ice cubes. Maybe some pupperoni too!

  2. craveDFW agrees with leaving the pups at home during the parade, but there will most assuredly be a cool spot on the newly renovated Cane Rosso patio along a pooch-friendly beverage. This is seperate from the parade which begins at 10am. Cane Rosso celebrates 5-7pm.

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