Park on Henderson Closing: Details

Park's Chef Garreth Dickey

by Steven Doyle

photo by Robert Bostick

As Nancy Nichols has reported, Park Restaurant is slated to close this weekend. We have all the details and I will share the email I received earlier today from the owner. Some of the employees have already found work and I will be announcing some of those changes this coming week. These restaurants plug along, sometimes bleeding cash for whatever reason, and when they close it puts many talented folks out of work.

With that said, here is the email from owner Donald Chick with the rest of the story: 

Dear Steven,
I wanted to let you know that we have decided to sell Park Restaurant and Bar Celine to the owners of Capitol Pub. Starting this Tuesday, Park will close for renovations and reopen later this summer as a new concept. Bar Celine will remain open for business during this time.
It has been a highly rewarding and memorable experience working with all of the talented individuals who made Park a reality. From the chefs to the service team to our customers, we are grateful for everyone’s contributions and hard work. We thank all of those involved with the restaurant.
We look forward to the next generation of the space and believe it will be a great addition to the Henderson community.
Donald Chick
Park Restaurant

Knowing Donald Chick, he will not be resting for long and we will see him again soon. As for the Park space it has been suggested to me that it will become a Beer Garden. Until then stop by Park and bid the staff a fond adieu.


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  1. Lunch happy

    What will they do with the bees?

  2. Grant P

    I love Donald Chick. What a talented young man. Can’t wait to see his next exciting venture.

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