New Restaurant in Deep Ellum

by Steven Doyle

In the old Sol’s Taco Lounge at 2626 Commerce in Deep Ellum, next to Cane Rosso, enters The Free Man Cajun Café and Lounge. That is scheduled to open in August and boasts live jazz, alt-rock, and alt-country. 

We have a phone call into owner John Jay Myers, but have not heard from him as of this morning. We will update you as soon as he calls back. Until then check out his menu on the website. It looks to be standard cajun, burgers and dogs. The CO in the window says no alcohol, but we sincerely doubt that will happen.

The Free Man
2626 Commerce
Deep Ellum


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5 responses to “New Restaurant in Deep Ellum

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  2. May be this blogs greatest post to date

  3. I could not think you are more right..

  4. This makes perfect sense!!!

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