CFS Challenge: Kel’s Kitchen

by Steven Doyle

We will be seeking out the best chicken fried steak in the DFW area over the coming month and last night we had a chance to check out the first in the series. The classic Texas chicken fried steak takes its roots from the Austrian Wiener Schnitzel and is classic chuck wagon fare.

Ply the dish with a smooth white gravy whisked from the pan drippings along with a side of creamy mashed potatoes and you have an awesome lunch. 

Our first look at CFS comes from Kel’s Kitchen on Forest Lane just off the tollway that bands through the center of North Dallas. On our visit we discovered the steak to be made in-house with a beef cutlet that has been tenderized and coated to a slight crispness. What looked like a pan fry was in actuality deep fried, but done skillfully enough that it offered a more homey feel to the dish but it was served room temperature.

The gravy at Kel’s lacks much excitement and tastes packaged, pairing well with the watery mashed potato. We would like to see a more thoughtful mash that had some degree of cream and butter incorporated into the classic side rendering more flavor and a better mouth-feel. 

The bread basket contained tender and fluffy yeast rolls, but the weighty cornbread hockey pucks that were cold and tough.

Kel’s offers a daily special of an all-you-can eat catfish that was priced smartly and might fare better than the CFS.

Having tried a great breakfast at Kel’s on numerous occasions we had hoped to discover a better version of the Chicken Fried Steak. The homespun coconut pie looked like the best dinner option at Kel’s.

Kel’s Kichen
5337 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75244

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