Peoples Choice Burger: Maple & Motor

by Steven Doyle      photos by Robert Bostick

Won by a very narrow margin, the Maple & Motor Burger is the craveDFW People’s Choice winner for Burgers in 2011. The people have spoken but also really appreciated the OMG Burger found at Plano’s Whiskey Cake.

There were many great establishments mentioned including RedFork, the new Jeff Harris restaurant on Fitzhugh and Dairy-ette the fifty year old burger haunt in East Dallas.

“I consider this a great honor to be selected as the People’s Choice by craveDFW. Many of our customers say we have the best burger but I think that’s like fighting words. Its like saying your wife is better looking than mine. We all have our favorite burger and it is very subjective. Saying it’s a good place to have a burger is a lot nicer,” said Jack Perkins, owner of Maple & Motor. “We do appreciate the award.” 

Each burger at Perkin’s restaurant is hand formed from a loosely made meatball that is 70/30 and derives its main flavor from a mixture of ground chuck and brisket. The grill is a well seasoned antique flat top that Perkins found before opening the restaurant.

The freshest ingredients including their lettuce and tomato are found topping the burger, along with the custom made bun that is designed to add great flavor and a sturdiness that holds together to the last bight.

Add grilled jalapenos, sliced sweet red onion and a choice of a fried egg (our personal favorite) and you have the makings of a fantastic burger.

Congratulations to Maple and Motor for tackling the Peoples Choice.

We will continue with other categories for this award all summer. In addition to the restaurants prize, we are also randomly drawing a name for a free lunch at the winning restaurant. We sent Don Stephens an email instructing him how to collect his prize.


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4 responses to “Peoples Choice Burger: Maple & Motor

  1. Kenny

    congrats to Jack and staff truly a great burger joint.

  2. Thanks folks. This poll should show everyone that there are many good places to eat a burger in Dallas. I haven’t been to Whiskey cake yet, but I know how talented TJ Lengnick is. You can’t go wrong when a chef or an owner is committed to making something they think is perfect. i can’t imagine a better city for what we do.

  3. slade

    while i did vote for M&M my true congrats goes to Don Stephens!! and in the words of Napolean Dynamite – LUCKY!

  4. Karen Young

    Totally agree with the People’s Choice! Just ate there last Sunday-DEElish!

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