DFW Peoples Choice Awards: Best Taco

by Crave Staff

At the home offices of craveDFW we love our tacos, and we know Dallas loves a good taco as well. The fastest growing segment in the local restaurant industry must assuredly include the word ‘taco’ or ‘taqueria’ in their name.

We were the driving force behind the Dallas Taco Tour and we certainly have our opinion of who makes the best taco, be it al pastor, lengua, barbacoa, carnita or a simple breakfast taco. What we want to know at Crave is what is your favorite? 

The most commented taco stand in Dallas-Fort Worth will be awarded a nice plaque from us and you will win a Taste of Dallas/ BestBuzz Prize Pack that includes a fistful of tickets, food coupons and much more.

We will accept nominations through the long weekend, giving you plenty of chances to run out and sample some that you might read about here.


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94 responses to “DFW Peoples Choice Awards: Best Taco

  1. Anthony

    Fuel City Tacos.

  2. jd

    Good 2 Go.

  3. Trompo Tacos at Bachman Tacos Chevron Station

  4. La Paloma Taqueria on Central, Torchy Tacos and Mariana’s Taco Shop in Frisco

  5. el tizoncito

  6. Marla

    Taco Diner for authentic Mexico City style tacos

  7. JenniferD

    The Pastor tacos at Taco Diners can’t be beat, fresh grilled pineapple and pork!

  8. Kevin

    El Fuego for grimy and authentic and Taco Diner for clean and god ingredients.

  9. Zak

    Cafeteria Y Loncheria El Padrino @ the Bishop Arts District

  10. Devin

    El Padrino @ the bishop arts district for sure! As a matter a fact, I am actually about to order me some Tacos de Pollo for the family. Woot!

  11. Devin

    El Padrino @ the bishop arts district for sure! As a matter a fact, I am actually about to order me some Tacos de Pollo for the family. Woot!

  12. NOEL I.

    Cafeteria Y Loncheria El Padrino @ the Bishop Arts District

  13. Marcos

    El padrino @ bishop arts love there tacos. My favorite are the chicken and the salsas are the best!

  14. JC

    I’m with Zak and Devin. El Padrino at B.A.D. Too.

  15. Louis

    El padrino @ bishop arts has the best tacos. I go there all the time.

  16. Raymon

    La Paisanita in Dallas on Davis has the best tacos I’ve ever. Every time I’m in Oak Cliff I stop and get an order of tacos.

  17. MariaR

    Hands down, Taco Diner. Their tacos are so delicious!!

  18. JoeJ

    Fuel City has some badass tacos, and they’re open late. Man you can never go wrong with their tacos.

  19. JD

    Taco Diner. 😛

  20. Carlos

    I would say El Padrino at the bishop arts district, hands down and feet down as well. Don’t think I’ve seen a taco stand stay as strong, delicious, and friendly as long as they have. Plus, they give you authentic Tacos, can’t beat these boogie taco places that rip people off.

  21. Mary

    For a girls night out, Taco Diner. Not only do they have good tacos but good drinks too.

  22. Cody


  23. Juan

    El Padrino at the Bishop Arts District. Hands down and feet up, yo! Plus, not expensive and authentic.

  24. Cafeteria Y Loncheria El Padrino @ the Bishop Arts District

  25. fuel city (all my friends love it), and i love the corn stand next door.

  26. Rogelio Mendez

    El Padrino at The Bishops Arts District is awesome. I love their Chicken tacos and delicious varietys of food. Very Flavorful and fresh.. Always a favorite!! A MUST have for any friend or family member who are in Dallas or come from out of town. I highly recommend “El Padrino” yummy.. Yuh!!

  27. edward

    The West Village Taco Diner is the best!

  28. HKing

    Taco Diner is right!

  29. Ruru

    El Padrino @ Bishop Arts is the best! Best tacos in DFW!

  30. Racheal

    El Padrino at the Bishop Arts District best taco’s around town.

  31. zak

    El padrino bishop arts district

  32. Sandra

    I likes me some Taco Diner!

  33. Luis Arreguin

    El Padrino at The Bishop Art District are the BEST tacos !!!

  34. Alex

    Hand’s down Cafeteria Y Loncheria El Padrino!!!

  35. Marco

    I grew up in Mexico City (Jardines de Pedregal) and nothing brings back the flavors of home like Taco Diner.

  36. NancyBello

    I know what I like, and I like Taco Diner.

  37. Tim

    For TexMex tacos Mi Cocina and for authntic street tacos Taco Diner.

  38. ChristianA

    Best Taco stand in Dallas is El Padrino in the bishop arts district. Love me some Al Pastor Tacos.

  39. I have to go with El Padrino as well….I love their chicken tacos!

  40. Monica

    Best Taco “Stand” I go with El Padrino at either Bishop Arts District or Jefferson Blvd in Oak Cliff. Veal Tacos, please!

  41. TacoLover

    Hands down for El Padrino at the bishop arts district here.

  42. Anita I.

    El Padrino in the bishop arts district – North Oak Cliff. Chicken Tacos ROCK! I get my drink on at Glorias then walk across for some Tacos.

  43. Brandon

    El Padrino, most tasty, most authentic

  44. Monique

    El Padrino at the bishop arts, no doubt.

  45. Cafeteria y Loncheria El Padrino at the Bishop Arts District

  46. El Padrino best fish,chicken, & beef tacos

  47. Mayra

    El Padrino in the Bishop Arts District! Yum!

  48. I want to c ote for Cafeteria y Loncheria El Padrino at the Bihsop Arts District for Best Taco!

  49. Jason

    El Padrino – hands down. Also the best red chili sauce on the side.

  50. Maria

    El Padrino is totally the best. Taco Diner is sucky TexMex.

  51. Kyle M

    We always go to El Padrino in the OC, it’s the best!

  52. Danica

    El Padrino FTW!

  53. Martin L

    I’ve been to almost every taqueria in Dallas county and El Padrino is hands down the best. Killer veal tacos and pastor to die for.

  54. Rachel

    El Padrino in the bishop arts district!

  55. Samantha

    Nothing beats El Padrino in the B.A.D.

  56. Brenda

    Pollo Tacos at El Padrino in North Oak Cliff.

  57. Brenda

    El Padrino at the bishop arts district. My favorite tacos are their breakfast tacos, eggs with potato, topped with cheese.

  58. Samantha

    LOVE El Padrino!

  59. Darrell

    El Padrino in Oak Cliff. Chicken Tacos.

  60. Leti

    Lengua Tacos are my favorite at El Padrino – Jefferson blvd location.

  61. Sam L

    For breakfast tacos, El Padrino on Jefferson is tops.

  62. Miguel

    El Padrino. Sweet people and even sweeter tacos!

  63. Kerry Gallegos

    Lengua and pastor at El Padrino are the best tacos in Dallas.

  64. Mariposa

    There are lots of great tacos in Dallas, but none to compare with El Padrino in OC.

  65. Kitkat

    I have to join with the people in voting for Cafeteria Y Loncheria El Padrino.

  66. Nguyen

    el padrino hits the spot for me. Their salsa is one of the best if not number one. Its not fancy and updated like all these taco places but thats what i like about it, traditional and authentic. Dont be fooled by the exterior but this place the food speaks for itself.

  67. El Padrino at the Bishop Arts District. From the food to the service behind the taco window….this is the Spot to get your tacos in Dallas Texas. I’ve been to all the other spots these people are talking about….Padrino’s has my vote

  68. Melva

    You can get a good taco anywhere. But if you want a great taco there’s really only one choice. El Padrino.

  69. Good 2 Go Taco is the most unique!

  70. A gringo taco, I know, but Torchy’s had a monthly special that had a whole split grilled jalapeno sausage, brisket, queso and a freakin’ fried egg on it that was just ridiculous. Brisket tacos at Taco Joint. Top Secret Carnitas Tacos at Cane Rosso. But it sounds like El Padrino is the place to be.

  71. Andy

    Jay Jerrier is right. El Padrino is the place to be.

  72. Yvette and William

    We went to lots of these places over the weekend so we would know which is best. It’s not even close. Cafeteria y Loncheria El Padrino is WAY better than Good 2 Go, Taco Diner, Fuel City, Guero, and Bachman Tacos.

  73. Stempy

    Looks like a landslide.

  74. TerryH

    I was going to say Tacos El Guero, till I saw all the people praising El Padrino. It only seemed fair to try El Padrino before voting. Boy, am I glad I did. INCREDIBLE tacos. El Padrino is my new all time favorite.

  75. Marcus

    I want El Padrino now! I am out of town but when I am back in Dallas this will be the first place I visit. Next week!!!

  76. Juan M Larraga

    El Padrino @ the bishop arts district

  77. Luis Contreras

    Definitely El Padrino @ Bishop Arts District. Delicious Authentic Mexican Tacos! Makes me fall in love all over again with Tacos!!!

  78. erica

    Cafeteria Y Loncheria El Padrino @ the Bishop Arts District!!!! best ever!!!!

  79. maRy


  80. Tracy Robbins

    So happy to put in my vote for the best taco shop in Texas, Cafeteria y Loncheria El Padrino!

  81. Everett Rubio

    El Padrino @ Bishop Arts District!!!!!!! its the one and only REal Mexican tacos!!! :))))))

  82. erickkk

    You know El Padrino @ Bishop Arts District is always riDIRKulously Delicious!!!!

    -mavs fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. William C

    El Padrino @ Bishop Arts District
    Had their tacos a year ago and they are unbeatable!

  84. John Horton

    I’ve had thousands of tacos in my thirty years in Dallas and I agree with what some people have already said about El Padrino. It really is the best.

  85. Anonymous

    “El Padrino” has the best tacos in town.

  86. John Perkins

    Best in Dallas is El Padrino.

  87. jimthem

    El Padrino, El Padrino, El Padrino.

  88. Tifany

    Good 2 Go Tacos are fun, fresh and delicious!

  89. Tracie Marie

    El Padrino bishop arts district!
    best place in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Tracie

    El Padrino is BOMBTASTIC! I love that taco joint

  91. Blake

    I dig El Padrino’s breakfast tacos, with some green tomatillo salsa and white cheese.

  92. El Padrino, duh 😀

  93. Kaz

    Good 2 Go, always!

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